5 Best Summer Wedding Suits & Linen Bespoke Shirts That Will Keep You Looking (and Feeling) Cool

5 Best Summer Wedding Suits & Linen Bespoke Shirts That Will Keep You Looking (and Feeling) Cool

We all know that the best couples plan ahead, so even though it's almost summer, many couples are already shopping for décor and outfits for summer weddings.

How do you pick the right outfit for summer weddings?

It can be hard to find a summer wedding suits and linen bespoke shirts. Obviously, you want to look attractive—as either the groom or guest, you know you'll end up with a thousand photos, not to mention Instagram feeds. But with summer's higher temperatures, you also need to stay cool.

Well, we accepted the challenge. We've found not one, but five men's summer groom suits for a wedding that will have you looking and feeling great no matter what the weather is like. We've covered a variety of wedding suits and bespoke shirts, whether you're looking for something smart and formal or something casual for the beach.

Summer Shirt

During the summer, our men's summer shirts will keep you looking good and cool. Whether you're looking for a design for a wedding, a holiday, a casual night out, or something appropriate for the office, you'll find it in our handpicked collection.

Our summer bespoke shirts are a staple for men, whether on vacation or at a wedding. Our collection includes cuts and designs for every style and taste, whether short or long-sleeved. Floral, chequered, and striped shirts add a fun touch to both formal and casual outfits. Linen and cotton fabrics make this group of men's shirts a comfortable choice for warm weather. 

Summer Shirt Guide

For summer’s relaxed moments, outdoor activities, or a wedding, choose a shirt made of lightweight linen or a breathable mixed-fibre fabric. Casual situations call for short-sleeved styles, while long-sleeved styles can have their sleeves rolled up if needed.

Our cotton summer shirts are available in solid block colours with open weaves as well as vibrant and sophisticated patterns with eye-catching styles. All of our shirts are tailored to your exact measurements by skilled tailors, and the fabric and design details can be changed to meet your specific needs. All customization options are included in the original price of the shirt, and you get 100% guaranteed satisfaction with us.

This is all about summer shirts. If you are planning to do your wedding or want some ideas about what to wear for summer weddings, then choose your favourite style from the selection of wedding suits and linen bespoke shirts shown below!

  • Brunello Cucinelli Unstructured Linen Suit Jacket - Made from 100 percent linen, this suit has notch lapels, patch pockets, and double vents to avoid creases when sitting. The blazer may be worn with matching pants or on its own for a more casual look.
    Linen Bespoke Shirts
    Material: Linen | Fit: Fits true to size with 100% satisfaction | Care: Dry clean

  • Suit Supply Light Grey Havana Suit - Finest Wool Suit, This suit's light grey colour makes it seem perfectly at home during a summer wedding. It's made of 100% wool and may be worn throughout the year.
  • Bespoke Summer Suits

    Material: 100% Pure Wool | Fit: Fits true to size with 100% satisfaction | Care: Dry clean only

  • ASOS Design Wedding Linen Super Skinny Suit for a Beach Wedding: This light blue suit looks so white that it would be perfect for a beach wedding. It has a slim fit and a small check pattern.
    Summer Wedding Suits
  • Material | a mix of linen and cotton | Fit: skinny  Care | only dry clean

  • For a Daytime Wedding: Brooks Brothers Milano Fit Plaid 1818 Suit - This suit is crafted from luxurious Italian wool and features a colourful design. This would be suitable for a daytime outdoor wedding because of the modest checks that give it a more casual feel.
  • Summer Groom Suits

    Material: wool | Fit: skinny | Cleanup: dry cleaning

  • Most Casual: J.Crew Ludlow Slim-Fit Unstructured Suit Jacket - The unstructured style of the jacket and the material, a combination of cotton and linen, make this suit suitable for a more casual wedding. It is casual and adaptable, making it a valuable addition to your wardrobe.
  • Bespoke Summer Suits

    Cotton/linen composition | True to size fit | Dry clean only


    If you are planning your summer wedding, make your special day even more special with our summer wedding suits, summer bespoke shirts, and summer groom suits. Being one of the most well-known wedding planners in the UK, our team makes sure that your wedding is one to remember.

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