Style Guide for Plus Size Mens Clothing

It's not always easy for men with larger frames to find high-quality clothes that are also figure-flattering. All too often, high-street brands offer a limited selection for broader shoulders or larger waistlines, while images and style tips tend to focus exclusively on the skinny or athletic types. Luckily for you, we're here to provide some key pointers to help you look your best, whatever style you're going for.

Top Dressing Tips for Big Guys

  • Find your perfect fit.
  • Colours that are simple and solid are your fashion friend.
  • Make your silhouette more streamlined.
  • Add structure.
  • Choose your fabrics carefully.

The first step is to identify your body type -

Before jumping in, you need to first determine your body type.

Are you an oval O with a rounded belly, like the majority of men who are overweight? Or do your hips and waist dominate your shoulders, giving you an "A-frame" form and making your upper body look smaller? It is likely that the upper part of your body is naturally more muscular, giving you a V-shaped physique (your figure narrows as you travel from head to toe).

Make sure your clothes are the correct size

Many men, not only those with bigger frames, go for plus size clothing in the hope that it will hide their curves. Believe us: a ready-to-wear shirt and custom plus size clothing or a long-sleeve shrits in your size is a much better option. It should be tailored or regular, not too tight or slim-fit. This will keep you looking smart while keeping you feeling trendy and authentic.

Plus Size Clothing - 

We want every man, regardless of his size, to look and feel his best. If you're tired of looking for the latest menswear trends that are either too short or too small, we have a solution for you. Are you looking for plus size clothing that fits well and keeps you fashionable? Dooley & Rostron's plus size clothing collection includes some of our craziest looks for all body types. No more sacrificing style to get clothes that fit; we've got your back, bro. From loungewear to workwear, we have it all. Come take a look at our collection.

Plus Size Custom Clothes 

If you’re a big, tall person, Dooley & Rostron has the gear you’re looking for. Can’t find exactly what you’re looking for in the stores—let alone in your size? Dooley & Rostron plus size custom clothes give you 100% satisfaction capabilities to create plus size tailoring exactly the way you want it. From large to XXL, we’ve got the sizes, styles, and colours you’re after. Dooley & Rostron's 100% cotton plus size custom clothes are double stitched for durability and optimised for all body types.

Bespoke Shirts for Plus Size Men 

Welcome to Dooley & Rostron Plus Size Fashions! We are a trendy plus size clothing shop in Manchester that sells bespoke plus size clothing of all kinds. Our shop is open to everyone because we have skilled tailors who make plus size bespoke shirts that are completely tailored to your body shape. 

You’re curious about how bespoke shirts fit plus size men. first Your measurements have been taken. Our tailors take everything into consideration. We know you love your clothes, and we enjoy making them fit exactly, from adding additional cuff space for a watch to adding a single stitch to help it fall perfectly. Create your own shirt designer. Choose from thousands of seasonal fabrics. If you want to make your own shirt but don't know where to begin, you've come to the right place. You can easily make a pattern that is unique to you and your style by choosing from our hundreds of seasonal fabrics. We have shirts in a variety of sizes and styles, so there is something for everyone. We have everything you need! After your shirt is finished, you will be asked back in for your first fitting. This is an important part of the custom experience; we see how the shirt feels and looks on you. Then, we make any changes to the shirt that are needed to make sure it fits perfectly.

We are happy to let you try on products before buying them, for example, to ensure that the sizing is right. If you have any problems, our friendly and professional team will be pleased to help you. Come see what we have to offer.

Made-to-Measure Suits for Plus Sized Men 

When you're looking for a big, tall frame, you know that proportions are everything. When you're in the market for new tailoring, it pays to take a little additional time and get the right things done well. The difficulty is that, in general, suits sold on the high street are sized according to the proportions of lithe, tall models, yet the majority of us are not models. If you are a man who is a bit taller, a little broader, or a little rounder than average, you may need a few guidelines to help you find a fit that suits your body. Dooley Rostron Tailoring solves this gap. Let our tailors guide you through our options. Whether you're looking for a weekend jacket, a work suit, or a black-tie tuxedo, with Made-to-Measure Suits for Plus-Sized Men, we can build anything and customise every aspect. We want to help you find the perfect match. Thus, we have designed a personalised experience in which our trained and knowledgeable tailors will work with you to produce a style that is completely yours. During your appointment, we take the measurements we need to make sure the garment fits and falls just right. Only the finest tailoring can make you feel so fantastic. So, during your appointment, we do everything we need to make sure the garment fits perfectly. That's how made-to-measure suits for plus sized men are made. 

Casual wear for Plus Sized Men 

Plus size mens clothing could be as stylish and well-tailored as regular sizes. The goal is to choose the exact fit, choose separates that match each other in shape, proportion, and colour, and walk with confidence. Plus size men's casual clothes might be a nice change of pace for their wardrobes and give them a new way to look at their much-needed presence on the fashion scene. You have a question regarding how we measure plus-size men's casual clothes. During your appointment, we'll take the necessary measurements to make sure the clothes fit and hang right. Only the best tailoring is capable of making you feel so wonderful. So, during your appointment, we do everything we can to make sure the garment fits perfectly. This is how casual clothing for plus size men is made.


The most important part of looking good and feeling good is getting the right fit. We've put together some helpful size guides for big and tall men so you can find the right fit.

How do I measure the size of my chest?







119 -125 cm

46" - 48"

Europe 6



127 -132 cm

50" - 52"

Europe 7


How do I measure my waist size? 













What about a belt?

If you want to tuck in a shirt or tee, a belt should only be used to (figuratively) tie the ensemble together and offer a more elegant aesthetic (for the famous French tuck). Many men buy belts to hold up ill-fitting jeans and pants, which we strongly advise against. If your trousers fit nicely, your belt should be an aesthetic decision rather than a functional requirement.

Conclusion - 

If you want to purchase plus size mens clothing, you may find this blog helpful. If not, our skilled tailors will love to help you with plus size clothing, and our team will do all possible to guarantee your satisfaction. Come and explore what we have to offer.

Note - our products are luxury products, so we do not offer cost effective options, they are all expensive as everything is handmade with the finest fabrics. 

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