Made To Order & Bespoke - How Does It Work?

Made To Measure Casual Shirts

How it works.


A manufacturing process in which an item's production begins only after a customer places an order. When an order is received, it is analyzed, and production plans are developed. After that, actual manufacturing takes place in accordance with these plans, and finished products are delivered to the customer once completed.

The workflow of the made-to-order process
  • Receiving orders from customers
  • Analyzing and planning the manufacturing of the product
  • Production of the product in accordance with the plans
  • The completed product is handed over to the customer.
  • Monitoring of all orders and products
The main advantage of the MTO is its ability to fill orders with the exact product specifications specified by the customer.

The two main disadvantages of made-to-order management are timelines and customization costs. When a product is already on the market, the consumer does not have to wait for it to be manufactured, built, and delivered to specification.


Book An Appointment

All bespoke and made to order appointments are exclusively by appointment, which can be booked instantly online here .


Design Your Style

With our master tailor in store you will create a bespoke garment. Design your own Shirt, Suit, Chinos, Jeans, Polo, Coat or even Sneaker. We have a wide range of style details, trims and the finest English and Italian fabrics. See our AW21/22 Look book here.


Get Fitted

Our experienced tailors will measure you in detail so the garment fits perfectly. 


Receive Your Garments

Once final fittings are done, your garments are pressed in our factory and packaged ready for you style. 

Bespoke Shirts 

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Handmade Suits

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Wedding Service.

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