What To Wear To The Races – A Mens Style Guide

What To Wear To The Races – A Mens Style Guide

You want to go to the races, but you don't know what to wear.

Don't worry; this style guide will make sure you look good for the big day out.

There is nothing better than putting on a well-fitted suit and making sure you look your best before going to the races. After all, looking good at the races is almost as important as winning. Whether it's something you do every year or it's your first time, it can be hard to get started. But finding the right suit for the races doesn't have to be so hard.

At Dooley & Rostron, we have a large selection of race-day suits that can be worn in any weather. We've got you covered for everything from 3-piece suits to age-old customs.

Things to keep in mind for your outfit on race day

When planning your outfit for a day at the races, make sure to consider the following:

Weather: Traditionally, the races take place in Spring/Summer, however, that doesn't mean wearing a summer suit. It has been snowing this spring, so dress accordingly.  In this situation, a warmer winter coat made of a lighter-coloured fabric might be just what you need.

Which enclosure you’re in - Depending on which enclosure you're in, there are different rules for how to dress in different parts of a racecourse.

Weather - Check the weather before putting on any outfit so you don't get caught in a rainstorm without an umbrella.

Is it in the evening or during the day - Most races happen during the day, but there are often evening races in the summer and evening races in the winter at Lingfield, Wolverhampton, Newcastle, and Southwell, so you may need a thicker jacket or a cashmere scarf.

Racetrack: Some racetracks are more laid-back in general and at certain races.

Dress Codes - Some big race days and events, like Royal Ascot and the Epsom Derby, have strict rules about what to wear. You must always check the dress code on their website. 

Season: Whether you go in the spring, summer, fall, or winter, the time of year will naturally affect the choices you make.

How to Dress at Horse Racing Events

I'm not talking about fashion guidelines yet; I'm talking about the real dress code or standards that different events have in place.

When it comes to the races, it's time to suit up and get dressed to impress.

What To Wear To The Cheltenham Festival What To Wear To The Cheltenham Festival
One of the most important horse racing events is the Cheltenham Festival. Since it takes place in March, the weather may affect what you wear.

In this event, you can wear tailored clothing for the race because it fits your body perfectly and makes you look professional and attractive. Maintaining traditions is important, and most people choose to wear tailored clothing for race day and make the most of the event.

On certain days and in certain places, like the Queen's Stand on Derby Day, there is a dress code.

In March, you can wear fancy clothes, but they can turn you away if they want to. Nonetheless, this is a guide to looking your best, so a suit is usually recommended around here.

What To Wear At Royal AscotWhat To Wear At Royal Ascot
Royal Ascot is a five-day event in June that is very important and has a lot of history. One of the most important horse racing meets on the calendar, complete with a dress code This depends a lot on the enclosure. Some places are more traditional and have stricter rules about what you can wear than others.

The gentlemen attending the royal enclosure must wear a black or grey morning suit with a waistcoat and tie (no cravat), a black or grey top hat, and black shoes with socks.

The Queen Anne enclosure demands a suit with a tie, shoes, and socks, while the village enclosure requires a nice jacket, collared shirt, and tie.

The Windsor enclosure is the least formal, but you still need a jacket, shirt, and pants, and there is no formal dress code.

It goes without saying that sportswear, such as football jerseys, as well as fancy dress, are not permitted there.

Royal Enclosure - A black, navy, or grey morning dress with a waistcoat and tie, as well as a black or grey top hat, is needed. Black shoes and socks that cover the ankle are required.

Village Enclosure - Males must wear jackets, full-length pants, collared shirts with ties, and decent shoes to the village enclosure. Ankle socks must be worn.

Windsor Enclosure - While there is no formal dress code in the Windsor Enclosure, respectable daywear is recommended.

What To Wear To The Grand NationalWhat To Wear To The Grand National
The Grand National is the one race on the racing calendar that everyone looks forward to. Even if you don't like horse racing, it's tradition to place a bet on the race at Aintree every April, even if you're not a fan.

The weather might be as unpredictable as choosing a winner, but there are lots of ways to stay fashionable. Because the event will be televised, all eyes will be on you; therefore, you must look your best.

At the Grand National in Aintree, you should go for bespoke clothing or tailored shirts, as tailored clothing gives you a perfect fit and a better look. But for this event, you should not go for sportswear and costumes, as they are not allowed. Choosing a well-fitting suit is something that you should consider thoroughly. Traditional shades of grey or blue will never go out of style.

Try wearing patterns or colours that stand out, such as greens, reds, or beige. You could also wear separates, which means wearing a blazer in a different colour than the trousers. Just make sure that the colours work well with each other.

Dressing For The Races In Spring When It's Still Snowing Dressing For The Races In Spring When It's Still Snowing
If it's freezing outside, you might be wondering what to wear to the races. We won't let the weather ruin your day, whether it's freezing or raining. A suit is often the best option for heading to the races because it can be dressed up or down. There's a lot going on in the horse racing business in the spring and winter, and these months may be a little cold, to say the least.  It could be raining, windy, or snowing. 

For example, the Cheltenham Festival takes place in March, which is a time when the weather can be unpredictable and change quickly. For this season, you can choose thick fabric for your suit, but you have to keep in mind that this event is in the spring, so you have to choose a light colour and thick fabric for your suit. That way, you'll stay warm while keeping up with the fashions of the season, and you'll be able to wear something more appropriate if the weather is a little chilly.

You may keep your appearance stylish by wearing a tailored suit. This will keep you warm and make you look like a professional.

Choose a tailored suit that goes well with the colour of your suit. No matter which colour shirt you think is best, keep things like the weather in mind. If it's raining, the rain may show up on your suit, which won't look good in the photos you'll be taking. You may choose a navy blue wool suit, a black 3-piece suit, and many other options.

A pair of Chelsea boots would be suitable for footwear. These are the nicest boots you'll come across; they're almost like shoes, but they're ankle-length.

You may stay warm by wearing a scarf with your suit, which will add some texture to your overall style and not look out of place in the winter.

Also, at Dooley & Rosson, you can buy men's spring clothes that will keep you warm in the spring and at the races.

Conclusion - If you're not sure what to wear to races or what to wear to races in the winter, perhaps this blog will help. If not, our well-trained tailors can help you in creating them using our luxury products, which are all handmade with the finest fabrics that fit your body. Visit us at Dooley & Rostron.

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What To Wear To The Races – A Men’s Style Guide
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