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Adam has worked in the tailoring industry for 25 years, starting his journey at Robert Old & Co in Bournemouth for 7 years before taking over Frank Rostron Shirtmaker's which he has owned since 2006.

Dooley & Rostron upholds the heritage Frank Rostron Bespoke Shirtmaker was so loved for - in a rich history of luxury tailoring, creating the finest bespoke shirts and handcrafted suits for many noted faces such as celebrities, sports stars and politicians

We are famous for our bespoke shirts, handmade suits and our head-to-toe groom service. We pride ourselves in two core offerings.

Our Bespoke service offers our customers a completely personal experience. If you are looking for something special with an unrivaled fit, just for you - this is the route you should take. First you will need to be fitted, this can take place at home using our virtual tailor, or one of our expert tailors can take your measurements for you in our luxurious shop, or we can come to you. You will then need to customise every detail, from the style of the collar on a shirt, to the linings of a suit and even the sole colour on your sneakers. Once our tailors have guided you through the options, we get to work on creating your garment in our factory and it will be ready for your first fitting 3-4 weeks later.

Secondly we offer our ‘Ready to Wear’ range consisting of suits, chinos, shoes, sneakers, polo shirts and jeans, all housed on the Dooley & Rostron website. Our users are simply able to select their fit and we will then get to work hand crafting the order, ready to be sent out within 3-4 weeks.

We aim to elevate the traditional shopping and browsing experience and have achieved just that with our store.

Instantly customers are greeted by our state of the art coffee shop serving hot beverages from the award winning North Star Coffee Roasters, alongside sweet goods from local bakers. All to be enjoyed within the store whilst browsing, or, outside at the pedestrian square of King Street, West.

Once within the store, customers will be able to see first hand our very own workshop where it’s possible to watch our masters perform their trade. Our team is made up of skilful tailors, experienced seamstresses, cutters with years in the industry and our marketing team - ensuring we keep up-to date with current trends, our baristas and Adam - the thread that keeps us sewn together.