Dressing for a sartorial summer with Dooley & Rostron.

Dressing for a sartorial summer with Dooley & Rostron.
Dressing for cold weather is easy. Footwear choices are easy, textures are plentiful, and the possibility of layering provides additional style options.
Summer styling, however, can be more challenging. The upcoming months bring many great things – beer gardens, bbq's, sun-kissed faces and summer weddings – but it also means that wardrobe options become much fewer.

Dooley & Rostron are here to guide you through our 'Summer 2021 top picks' that you can style together or pair easily with other staple wardrobe pieces. 
Drawstring Chinos
What do you get when you mix formal with relaxed tailoring? Our new made-to-measure drawstring chinos. Looking for a quick fix to elevate your look? Style with a matching blazer and long sleeve knitted shirt. 
Contrasting Jackets
Contrasting your jacket when heading for a summer wedding gives you freedom when experimenting with colour. Any light coloured jacket helps to deflect some of the heat, while a navy trouser keeps things grounded. A timeless, and winning, combination.
Tucked in polos
Looking for a quick fix to elevate your look from basic to slick? A simple tucked polo is all you need. Tucking polos into trousers was considered in the past to be a middle-aged man territory, but there’s a new climate now, both in terms of style and temperature.
Dress it up with a blazer, dress it down with some chino-shorts or  Go bespoke for extra comfort. We also offer a denim-look linen fabric for a more lightweight finish.
Style one of these staple looks, tag us on Instagram @dooleyandrostron_ using our hashtag #dressedbydooley. 
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