Adam Dooley

Dooley and Rostron, a new business endeavour from Adam Dooley, the owner of 'Frank Rostron' a longstanding Manchester tailor that has been a fixture on Princess Street for more than 50 years, is deeply rooted in Mancunian character.

After working for seven years at Robert Old & Co. in Bournemouth, Adam began his 25-year career in the tailoring profession. In 2006, he took over Frank Rostron Shirtmaker's and has owned it ever since.

He has made the best custom shirts and suits for a number of well-known people, including politicians, athletes, and celebrities.


Our Team

Our team is made up of skilful tailors, experienced seamstresses, cutters with years in the industry, our marketing manager and Adam, Owner - the thread that keeps us sewn together.

Company Director & Master Tailor

Andrew Mccririck

Charming and experienced. Andrew is a fabulous tailor and advisor - feel at ease in his company. Andrew has been looking after some of our most cherished customers for many years and does an extremely good job. If you are lucky enough to have him plan your wedding outfit from head to toe, you will be in very safe hands.

Assistant Manager & Tailor

Jordan Heap

A dashing young chap, extremely passionate about anything sartorial! Hard to find these days - a true gentleman with a classic style. Jordan has been with us for 4 years where he has been trained to become the fantastic tailor he is today. He previously studied design, he has a creative flair which is great when helping our customers create a bespoke garment from scratch.


Sarah Cole

Sarah began her journey in the clothing industry at university where she was awarded a 1st in Fashion Design. After graduating Sarah was snapped up by Frank Rostron Shirtmakers (our previous store) in 2016. Since then Sarah has overseen the entire factory including our cutting room, ensuring everything runs smoothly. Through the years, Sarah's honest, professional and detailed approach towards her role has promised our customers the quality and reliability that they deserve. Reflecting exactly how a fully bespoke service should run.



Dave left School in 1976 when the world was still in black and white. He got a job at the long gone Sheridan Shirts on Fairfield St Manchester as a Trainee Cutter. While there he attended Hollings College on day release studying Garment Technology. In 1993 he joined Higgins Clothing of Bradford working at their Shirt Making Department which was based in Hyde. While there he worked closely with the Designer. In 2002 David joined Frank Rostron Shirtmakers to learn the Art of cutting Bespoke Shirts. Then he later moved to James Ashcrofts for a period doing the same job before returning in triumph to Rostron's in 2011 where he has been to this day.


The Factory team

At Dooley and Rostron, our team of skilled professionals embodies the timeless artistry of craftsmanship. Nestled in the heart of our shop, our dedicated seamstresses and cutters meticulously handcraft each shirt with precision and care. With decades of combined experience, their expertise is the cornerstone of our commitment to quality and authenticity. Meet the artisans who bring our vision to life, stitching together the threads of tradition and innovation with every shirt they create.