Mens Outfit Guide: What to Wear to the Races

Mens Outfit Guide: What to Wear to the Races

Attending the races is a fantastic chance to elevate your style and make a statement. Fashion isn't just an accessory to the racing experience; it's a fundamental part of it, nearly as essential as the horse racing itself. Whether it's an annual tradition you eagerly anticipate or your first time experiencing the thrill, getting your race day outfit just right can feel like navigating a stylish maze. From choosing the perfect suit to selecting the right accessories, every detail counts when crafting your race day look. Let's explore how to navigate this sartorial challenge with confidence and flair.

In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve into the essential aspects of male race day attire, covering everything you need to know about what to wear to the races and key considerations to bear in mind before heading to the track. From timeless suits to stylish accessories, we'll explore the nuances of men's fashion for the races, ensuring you're perfectly dressed for the occasion.

Things To Keep In Mind For Male Outfit On Race Day

When planning your outfit for a day at the races, make sure to consider the following:

Weather - A lot of the fun at a race day happens outdoors, whether you're checking out the horses in the parade ring, placing bets, or watching the races from the rail. So, it's important to dress for the weather.

Time of year - Racing goes on all year, but the main Flat season is from May to October, and the big National Hunt season runs from October to April.

Enclosure - The fancier the area you're in, the fancier people tend to dress. Some places have specific dress codes, so it's good to check the racecourse's website.

Time of day - Most races happen during the day, but some are in the evening, especially in the winter. If you're going to an evening race, bring a jacket or something to keep warm.

The Dress Code at the Races for Mens 

Attending the races is a great way to express your personal style. However, it's important to follow the dress code for each racing event. While most racing events require smart attire, the specific rules can vary.

Although formal dress isn't always mandatory, there are still some guidelines you should follow. Fancy dress costumes and activewear are generally not suitable for the races. If you show up in the wrong outfit, you may even be turned away.

Therefore, it's crucial to research the dress code before deciding what to wear to the races. Understanding the appropriate attire will ensure you look your best and avoid any embarrassing situations at the entrance.

Get a Suit That Fits You Well

A tailored suit that fits you perfectly is the way to go for formal events like the races. Paired with a slim or tailored fit shirt, a tailored suit is the ultimate style choice.The classic tailored fit never goes out of style and is incredibly flattering. The high-quality materials will be cut precisely to your measurements, giving your suit more structure. This means it won't look baggy on your shoulders and will accentuate your best features instead, making you feel confident and comfortable. Compared to a loose, off-the-rack suit, a tailored suit is designed to flatter your physique. It's the best way to look and feel your absolute best at the races.

Choose the Right Fabric for the Day

When attending the races, it's important to consider the weather and choose a suit fabric accordingly. The material of your suit can greatly impact your comfort throughout the event.

Tweed is a popular choice for the cooler months. It's a coarse, thick, and waterproof fabric that provides warmth. However, a lightweight tweed can also work well for summer race days. For warmer weather, lighter fabrics like cotton and linen are great options. A light-coloured suit and a cotton shirt are ideal for staying cool and comfortable during a summer racing event. By selecting the right fabric for the day's weather, you can ensure you look and feel your best at the races, no matter the conditions.

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Wear a Three-Piece Suit

If you want to make a statement and feel comfortably smart at the races, a three-piece suit is the way to go. You can never be overdressed at the racetrack, and a three-piece suit is a classic style that will be appreciated. A contemporary, well-fitted three-piece suit allows you to take off your jacket and still look sharp and stylish, thanks to the added waistcoat. To complete the look, pair your suit with a crisp white shirt, smart shoes, and a contrasting tie.

The three-piece suit is a timeless choice that will help you stand out and feel confident at the races.

Embrace Colourful Looks for the Races

The races are a lively event, so don't be afraid to experiment with colour when putting together your outfit. This is the perfect opportunity to get creative with your colour scheme.

For summer race days, consider pastels and tropical shades. Save the more traditional dark colours like navy and hunter green for formal racecourses with stricter dress codes.

Whether you go for a matching three-piece suit with a colourful tie or mix and match a jacket and trousers, adding some vibrant hues is a great way to stand out from the crowd. Have fun with your look and let your personality shine through your race day attire.

Accessorise with Sunglasses

Accessories are a great way to elevate your racetrack outfit. In addition to looking smart and contemporary, they can also serve a practical purpose. While cufflinks, ties, and pocket squares are common suit accessories, a pair of stylish sunglasses can be a very useful and dapper addition, especially during the summer. Classic aviator or round-frame styles will perfectly complement your suit. You can also use sunglasses to add a pop of colour to a neutral suit. A bright or patterned pair of shades will add a unique and subtle detail to your race day look without being too overpowering. Incorporating the right accessories, like sunglasses, can elevate your overall appearance and provide functionality on the racetrack.


Going to the races is a chance to show off your style and have fun. Follow the dress code, pick a suit that fits well and matches the weather, and add some cool accessories. Think about the weather and the racecourse rules, and choose your outfit accordingly. When you dress right, you'll feel confident and look sharp. Whether you're a regular at the races or it's your first time, dress to impress and enjoy the day!

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