Our Difference.

Our Difference.

How is my garment made?

All of our shirts are made right here in our Manchester factory by some of the most experienced tailors, cutters and seamstresses in England.
We also partner with the world most renowned factories and suppliers in Italy and Amsterdam who help create our fine suits. Using our tailoring knowledge and their passion to make garments come to life, we produce some of the finest suits around.


We believe that custom-made clothing is better for everyone: for the individual and the planet. Our garments are cut only when ordered, meaning our production waste is close to zero. Nor are these “throwaway clothes” – our apparel is built to last. And we endeavour to only work with suppliers dedicated to sustainable production. We are constantly striving to do better.
Where are the fabrics sourced from? Suit Cloths by Loro Piana
Our suit cloths are made using the world’s finest and rarest raw materials and innovations. Loro Piana believes that taking care of excellence starts with sustaining biodiversity.
Loro Piana pay the utmost care in sourcing their raw materials, by having a constant and direct support to breeders and farmers in the most luscious parts of the world. This has been key to achieving an outstanding quality of fabric for our customers.
Choose from a selection of incomparably soft, light, and precious cashmere, the finest wools in the world, sublime fibres and outstanding, naturally coloured fleeces.

Shirt Fabrics by Thomas Mason 

Over 150 years in the fabric making industry, Thomas Mason has a heritage that flaunts an eccentric and refined touch, always representing stylistic revolution, exceptional quality and timeless elegance.



Strictly studied in Italy and produced with the most precious materials and avant-garde technology, their fabrics tell stories of pure excellence, combining tradition, elegance and artisanal care.




Beyond keeping up with and shaping the latest trends in menswear, Thomas Mason continually pushes the boundaries of fabric technology through exploration and research.



The Power Of Custom Made


 Nothing compares to the wearable ease and refinement of bespoke tailoring, and the extra edge of confidence it gives you. When you shop with us, not only is your wardrobe one of a kind, but your experience is uniquely personal as well. Once you’ve spotted a look you like, our personal advisors are on hand to perfect the fit and help you decide all the design details.



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