Why A Winning Suit Demands A Winning Accessory

Why A Winning Suit Demands A Winning Accessory

For over 30 years, Azuro Republic (our mens beaded bracelet supplier) has sought to help men present themselves in a way that aligns with their definition of manhood. Whether you believe that manners make the man, or that a gentleman is defined by how he treats others, Azuro Republic will work to help you elegantly present your unique vision of masculinity.


How does the process work? Let me tell you. Each natural stone bracelet presented by Azuro Republic begins as a sketch that is then rendered in digital 3D. After the bracelet is designed to your specifications, the model is processed through a combination of 3D printing, wax trees, silver casting and rubber molding — with a final stonework session culminating in a series of handcrafted, polished stones that look brilliant on any bracelet. 


The following are three high-quality premade accessories designed to help you define and present your inner gentleman with grace, class and, above all, confidence. 


The gold classic tiger eye bracelet


This beaded bracelet was custom-made for men in leadership positions and those who aspire to become leaders themselves. Fitted with a luxuriously cut tiger eye stone, this bracelet is designed to help you remain centered, calm and at peace regardless of the day-to-day disruptions you face. With gold bead inlays and a smoked wood exterior, this subtle but warm accessory will bring any bespoke suit to life, instilling greater confidence in the best of leaders, and giving it to those on their way to the top.


I love the confidence this bracelet instills. It is my personal favorite in the Azuro Republic collection, and I hope you find as much to love about it as I have.


The silver spacer throat chakra bracelet


As one of seven chakra bracelets, the silver spacer throat chakra bracelet was crafted with the goal of improving three important attributes: confidence, communication and connection. Cut and combined with luxurious Lapis Lazuli stones, this deep-blue accessory with silver inlays draws on the power of its chakra stones to provide peace, compassion, deep contemplation and clarity to its wearer. With a sophisticated design and materials some claim can help alleviate insomnia, this bracelet is for the thinking man — he who desires a deeper connection with others through a superior awareness of his own self.     


Personally, I love to wear this bracelet when I need to feel centered and grounded. In my busy day-to-day life as an investment banker, I need a respite from the hectic schedules and non-stop meetings — wearing this bracelet is a reminder that I need to remain calm, poised and confident each and every day.


The silver classic obsidian bracelet


For men seeking bravery and truth, look no further than the silver classic obsidian bracelet from Azuro Republic. Made from a combination of sleek yet subtle black obsidian volcanic glass, the dark stones imbued within this accessory are meant to ward off bad luck, absorb and repel negative energy, and elevate a sense of purpose, belonging and understanding. A truly unique bracelet, this accessory benefits from its restrained design, ensuring it will not overshadow any suit, watch, tie or pocket square it is paired alongside. 


I love a bracelet that champions bravery. My line of work is all about bravery, and it helps to have a physical representation of bravery on my wrist that keeps me guided. If you need a symbol that showcases your commitment to bravery, I highly recommend this accessory.


The bracelet makes the suit, and the suit makes the man


What makes a bracelet the ideal accessory to pair with a top-notch suit? I believe bracelets are the jewelry of the modern man: instead of an artificially expensive watch or necklace, a bracelet is a personalized, meaningful item that is infinitely customizable depending on your unique style preferences.


A bracelet takes an ordinary suit and shows others you have a sense of style that goes beyond a price tag. When I wear an Azuro Republic accessory, I feel like I am more than a business executive with a deep wallet and no taste in fashion. Instead, my colleagues recognize me as a thoughtful dresser who, instead of following in the footsteps of better-dressed men, makes waves of my own.


There are other benefits to wearing menswear accessories, too. More than a purposeful style choice, signature stone bracelets are wonderful conversation starters, health boosters, personality exemplifiers, motivational reminders and trend-setting pieces. In other words: you may be the first among your contemporaries to wear a quality stone bracelet, but you will certainly not be the last.


And, in my experience — and my line of work — it’s much better to start first than finish last.


A brand-match made in heaven (or a similarly fashionable place)


Combined with the bespoke suits of Dooley & Rostron, the premium stone bracelets crafted and distributed by Azuro Republic are the perfect accessory — one that is sure to impress colleagues, look sharp to romantic partners, and bring much-needed style to any major event you attend. Why?


Simply put, no brands pay the same kind of attention to detail that Dooley & Rostron and Azuro Republic do. With bracelets sketched from scratch and suits stitched from razor-sharp measurements, both brands make the most of every part of the process — because they know that, when it comes to high-quality menswear, details matter most of all.


For more information on how to improve your wardrobe and accessory drawer, browse the Azuro collection now. Then, stay tuned for updates on future crossover collections between Azuro Republic, Dooley & Rostron and other premium quality menswear brands.


About the author


I work as an investment banker whose passion for well-made suits and excellently crafted accessories has led me to seek out the very best in menswear fashion. Both Azuro Republic and Dooley & Rostron meet my standards — and, if you have great taste in fashion, they’re likely to meet yours, too.

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